Woman wins $42m jackpot, told it’s machine error

Written by on February 6, 2018

A woman who thought she has won a $42.9m jackpot got the shock of her life when she was told that the machine displaying the prize had only malfunctioned.

An elated Katrina Bookman, 44, thought she hit a $42.9m jackpot at Resorts World Casino in Queens, New York in 2016, and even posed next to the winning machine as it displayed what she thought she had won.

“I thought it was my lucky day,” she said.

Crowds started to surround Katrina to congratulate her, but soon, security took her aside and she was eventually told that the machine had malfunctioned and there would be no payday.

“Anytime a machine hits a lot of money, you are going to claim it’s broke,” Katrina said.

She hired a lawyer, Alan Ripka, to take the casino to court. The case is pending.

“When you walk through the door, you expect if you are risking your money, that if you win, you will be paid,” Ripka said.

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