Tunisia’s president fires ambassador to US, governor of Sfax

Written by on August 4, 2021

President Kais Saied has fired Tunisia’s ambassador to the United States and the governor of a key province, the latest dismissals since he provoked a political crisis last month when he assumed all executive power.

In a series of shock moves on July 25, Saied fired the prime minister and suspended parliament for 30 days. He also began ruling by decree, went on to dismiss several officials and announced a crackdown against corruption.

On Tuesday August 3, 2021, state media  announced the sacking of Ambassador Nejmeddine Lakhal, without citing an explanation for the move. The governor of the eastern Sfax province was also dismissed.

It came a day after the economy ministry got a new acting minister on, following the dismissal of Ali Kooli, as did the communications technology ministry.

Local polls say there is large support for Saied’s controversial actions, which were denounced as a “coup” by the country’s main political party – an allegation the president denied.

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