Nigerian food crops loaded with deadly poisons

Written by on November 9, 2017

When you read the little report below this introduction, you may become afraid of modern foods and meals because you probably now realise they are armouries of poisons which cause most, if not all, of today’s monstrous diseases…pain and premature death.

You may find yourself at a cross-roads: if food, like air and water, is poisoning you every time you eat, and you cannot stop eating or improve the quality of the food available to you to eat, what can you do other than go on eating the food of the time, knowing, as you eat it, that you are consuming loads of poisons with it which, someday, may strike a deadly blow at your health, as it is striking at others all around you? Some of the things that can be done to reduce the risk of being poisoned and prematurely killed by the foods we eat are suggested in the second article in this column titled SOME NATURAL MEDICINES FOR POISONS IN FOOD.

Those suggestions are just a few of the things that can be done, as regular readers of this column will readily recall. The first article, which gave rise to this subject, was originally written by Professor Jibrin Ibrahim, a Senior Fellow of the Center for Democracy and Development, and a Chair of the Editorial Board of PREMIUM TIMES.

The article was posted by Mr. Dotun Akintoye on the GOLDEN CROWN FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE chat group platform. I am a member of the co-operative. He is the President. The co-operative at present subscribes to the Federal Government’s Anchor Borrowers Project, the aim of which is to enlarge agricultural output and make food abundant and cheap.

The ultimate goal of this co-operative is organic agriculture and food production, which is in direct opposition to today’s killer conventional agriculture which the post below exposes. Conventional agriculture tampers with Mother Nature’s Code of Life in the foods it tinkers with, to make them bigger, though not necessarily more nutritious, more resistant to disease and more yield per acre.

Thus, you would find apples which can stay on the shelf for more than one year without becoming rotten, one major reason I stopped eating apples a long time ago. Thus, you would find chicken wings and turkey parts massively imported into Nigeria. More than 10years ago, I stopped eating them as well. Chickens and turkeys are injected with drugs which are often meant to be discontinued at least 14 days before slaughter. But, to beat market deadlines, this safety protocol is often unheeded.

Fish are now killed with dangerous chemicals. I stopped eating cucumbers when I learned from a Nigerian cucumber farmer in Ogun State of Nigeria that we, too, heavily douse cucumber farms with pesticides. I gave up in banana as night cap snack for potassium and some sugar when carbide-ripened bananas almost killed me three times…thanks to the availability of Diatom and Activated Charcoal.

Well, I cannot run from the world. Nigeria is still better in terms of these matters than many countries in Europe and America. In a short while, I will tell you about how I managed to get by. Meanwhile read Prof. Ibrahim’s article…

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