Netanyahu attacks police chief as corruption investigations loom

Written by on February 8, 2018

Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, lashed out at Israel’s top police chief on Thursday after the police commissioner said that “powerful” people sent private investigators in an apparent attempt to discredit police officers investigating the premier.

“It is shocking to discover the police commissioner repeats the ludicrous and false insinuation that Prime Minister Netanyahu sent private investigators against police officers that are investigating him,” a statement on the prime minister’s Facebook page said.

In a interview on Israeli television on Wednesday, Police Commissioner, Roni Alshiekh, said that investigators were “sniffing” around to dig up dirt on officers.

Alsheikh did not offer any further details or proof to the allegation.

The feud comes as local media are reporting that police plan to recommend indicting the premier as early as next week.

At the conclusion of their investigation, police will recommend whether to indict or close the cases against the prime minister.

A recommendation to indict would send shock waves through Israeli politics.

However, the attorney general will make the final decision on pressing charges.

Some Netanyahu supporters have said the prime minister should remain in office even if indicted.

The conservative prime minister faces two criminal investigations, the details of which have been widely reported in Israeli media.

“Case 1,000″ relates to gifts from billionaires in exchange for alleged benefits and “Case 2,000″ involves alleged negotiations between Netanyahu and a newspaper publisher to influence the media market.

“There won’t be anything because I know the truth,” Netanyahu said in a video statement on Wednesday.

“There will be recommendation and signs saying ‘Bibi is guilty until proven innocent,’” the prime minister added, using his nickname.

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