Edo: Market women laud Benin monarch’s curse on human traffickers

Written by on March 13, 2018

Edo State market women have hailed the courage of the Oba of Benin, Ewuare II, for placing a curse on human traffickers, pledging to abide by the monarch’s orders.

The Benin monarch had, last Friday, placed curses on the people perpetrating human trafficking in the state.

Leader of the market women, Blackie Ogiamien, described the orders of the Benin monarch as ‘progressive’, and added that it gives the needed support to Edo State Government’s campaign against human trafficking and illegal migration.

She said with the pronouncements of the royal father, “the people and government of the day are now in sync and it will only take one who is foolhardy to continue in the despicable practices that have aided and abetted human trafficking for years.”

Ogiamien said the charge by the royal father, “will bring succour to market women and mothers in general, in the state, most of whom have been yearning for an intervention in the inhuman trade that have claimed the lives of many Edo youths.”

“We are comforted by the orders of our father, Oba Ewuare II. Edo people know and appreciate the weight of the curses and orders of the King and we are happy about the orders.

“A lot of mothers sold houses and gave the proceeds to people who lied that they can take their children abroad through legal means and give them decent jobs on arrival. But the children were abandoned in jungles of death in Libya and in the Sahara Desert, while others died in Mediterranean Sea while being ferried in rickety boats,” Ogiamien said.

She added that families in Benin and elsewhere in the state are happy and comforted by the royal pronouncements and assured that market women will abide by the orders.

He also extended the curses to killer gangs and cult groups as well as armed robbers who have been unleashing terror on innocent people in the state and causing mayhem in the name of cult activities.

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