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No fewer than 54 people were killed while 18 others were injured when a wildfire raged through a village in Northern South Sudan. “The fire broke out in the village of Korok in Lol State on Sunday,’’ the state’s deputy governor, Mawein Akook, told dpa on Tuesday via telephone. According to Akook, most residents were […]

Tiger Woods was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Donald Trump at the White House on Monday for his relentless will to win, win, win. The honour came weeks after the legendary golfer staged an epic comeback victory in the Masters. Presenting the golfing great with the nation’s highest honour, Trump praised Woods […]

European Union Foreign Policy Chief, Federica Mogherini, on Thursday said the U.S. law, allowing lawsuits against foreign firms active in Cuba, is contrary to international law and undermines trust in the trans-Atlantic partnership. As part of White House efforts to increase pressure on Havana, in April the U.S. announced changes to the so-called Helms Burton […]

Fiona Onasanya has become the first ever MP to be removed from office following a recall petition. Onasanya, the former MP for Peterborough, was found guilty of lying to avoid a speeding ticket and sentenced to three months in prison. She was released after serving less than a month in jail. In a statement released […]

Russia, which played a crucial role in peace-building efforts in the Central African Republic (CAR), is strengthening the country’s defence forces. The initiative comes a year after Russia achieved a partial lifting of the arms embargo on the Central African country from the United Nations Security Council. A batch of small arms and ammunition was […]

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