Fuel tax rises which had led to weeks of violent protests in France have been suspended for six months. PM Edouard Philippe said that people’s anger must be heard, and the measures would not be applied until there had been proper debate with those affected. The protests have hit major French cities, causing considerable damage […]

Theresa May faces a grilling from MPs later over the draft Brexit agreement the UK has reached with the EU. The PM secured her cabinet’s backing for the deal after a five-hour meeting but Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has just resigned over it. She has also faced a backlash from Tory Brexiteers and her Democratic […]

Seventy-nine school pupils abducted by gunmen this week in a troubled English-speaking region of Cameroon have been freed, the country’s communications minister told AFP Wednesday. “All 79 students have been released,” said Issa Bakary Tchiroma, without giving details of the circumstances under which they were set free. The kidnappings on Monday were the first such […]

Seventy-nine school students were kidnapped on Monday in an English-speaking region of Cameroon where separatists are fighting an armed campaign for independence, a government source said. The students were abducted along with their principal, a teacher and a driver, the official said, as a source at the school confirmed the kidnapping of the pupils. They […]

The US Secret Service on Wednesday said it had intercepted suspect packages, identified as potential explosive devices, sent to the homes of former President Barack Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. The Secret Service said it recovered a single package addressed to Clinton in Westchester, a suburb north of Manhattan on Tuesday, and […]

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