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Facebook on Monday will begin alerting the 87 million users whose data may have been harvested by Cambridge Analytica. The company plans to post a link at the top of users’ news feeds that will allow them to see which apps are connected to their Facebook accounts and what information those apps are permitted to […]

Mobile internet services have been restored in many areas of Ethiopia following a shutdown of months. It comes after new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed promised to bring about reforms in the country, which has had two state of emergencies declared in the past year. The majority of areas outside the capital, Addis Ababa, have had […]

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has turned down a request from British lawmakers to answer questions on how the social network collects and stores user data. Facebook (FB) said in a letter to lawmakers dated Monday that it would make two senior executives — but not Zuckerberg — available to testify in the UK after Easter. […]

Japanese automaker Toyota said Thursday it was suspending tests of its self-driving cars so staff could “emotionally process” after an autonomous Uber car killed a pedestrian in an accident.   Ride-sharing giant Uber has already suspended use of self-driving cars after one of its vehicles struck and killed a pedestrian Sunday in the US state […]

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has said he is “open” to testifying before the US Congress on the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Mr Zuckerberg was being interviewed for the first time since his company shed tens of billions of dollars of its value amid concerns over the alleged harvesting of user data by the UK political consultancy […]

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