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A 58-year-old woman has been convicted of stealing her husband’s identity, through which she successfully emptied his retirement savings account, while she also fraudulently disposed of the family assets. She made her brother to impersonate her husband of 25 years in a case that veteran financial fraud investigators confessed they had never seen anything like […]

A middle-aged man, identified as Mbiti Munyao in Kangundo constituency, Machakos area of Kenya was arrested for allegedly raping two goats to death. According to the area assistant Chief Mary Mulwa, Munyao was seen pulling the two goats from a bush where the animals had been tied on Saturday, January 13. The two goats were […]

A man, Odowa Roland Okuomose, has been declared wanted for his alleged involvement with a telemarketing company that ran a fraudulent lottery. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the telemarketing company operated from British Columbia, Canada, under a variety of names from at least July of 2006 through October of 2007. The telemarketing company […]

Residents of suburbs of Darlington and Morningside areas of Zimbabwe are living in fear as a slew of monkeys invade their houses, wrecking properties in the process. One of the residents, who spoke to Iharare, Ms Christine Zenda, said the monkeys were moving around in large numbers and were in the habit of destroying property […]

A man allegedly broke into a police department’s evidence area to take back his bicycle. David Elwin Snow, 37, showed up at the Provo Police Department in Utah, USA, on December 18, asking for his bike, which had been recovered from a man who was arrested in an unrelated issue, reports said. Snow had not […]



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