Brexit: Dutch government hires nearly 1,000 customs officials

Written by on July 18, 2018

The Dutch government has completed the hiring of nearly 1,000 new customs officers to prepare for a looming ‘no deal’ brexit, according to a senior official in the country.

Pieter Omtzigt, the rapporteur on Brexit for the Dutch parliament, confirmed the recruitment had taken place  as weeks of turmoil over Theresa May’s new plan paralyse the British government and raise the prospect of the UK crashing out.

“As you may be aware the Netherlands are, after Germany, the second trading partner with the UK within the EU even before France, for example,” Mr Omtzigt, a Christian democrat MP told the BBC.

That means that because of the political uncertainty within the UK I asked my government a year ago to start hiring new customs officials.

They’ve hired almost a thousand customs officials just in case Britain crashes out.

“We’re a trading nation; we cannot afford our customs system to completely get stuck because from one day to the next we also have to check all the British exports of goods and services.

“We also hired veterinary officials because if you crash out you also have that problem.”

Dutch port officials told The Independent earlier this year that the Netherlands customs authorities were aiming to hire between 750 and 930 officials suggesting the number actually hired is right at the upper end of the early estimate as talks look increasingly likely to fail.

On Friday ministers from the remaining 27 EU states are expected to be presented with a dossier drawn up by the European Commission laying out how to plan for a no deal.

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