Biggie gives last five a treat

Written by on September 22, 2020

Biggie threw a spectacular party to host the last five housemates standing in House. The party was held on day 65, Monday evening, September 5 inside the garden area.

Nengi, the first Head of House, handed over the title to Vee, who will lead the last five to the end of the season as she won the title for the first time in the tenth week.

After the Housemates completed their Monday night task, they proceeded to keep each other company through an evening of banters, reminiscences and laughter.

The Housemates had earlier received a brief to celebrate their achievement of becoming the top five.

The task was different from the rest in that the Housemates had to express what they are thankful for being here as well as what they appreciated most about themselves.

In a dinner style, the housemates were to take two minutes each to express what they were grateful for during the task.

All the Housemates expressed how shocked and grateful they were to still be in the game, thanking God for their journey so far and congratulating each other.

Laycon congratulated all the Housemates on their achievements while Dorathy expressed when she came she thought she was just promoting herself, but she got much more out of the experience of being there.

The Housemates also played the Game of ‘Tag you are it’. They took turns in telling themselves what they loved or appreciated about one another.

The Housemates opened up, giving each other genuine feedback about their time together.

Laycon told Vee that he appreciated how she looks out for him.

Neo told Nengi what a beautiful person she is and how he loved how down to earth she is. Nengi said she admired how intelligent Laycon is and loved how he could contribute to any conversation.

She also told Dorathy she thought they were quite alike and therefore respected her for the person she is.

Dorathy told Neo that she loved how he could relate to anyone in the House. Vee told Nengi that she recognised the hustler in her and appreciated that.

In the third and fourth parts of the task, the housemates put on a show for each other by picking cards from a box and acting what was on the cards.

Dorathy was a stand-up comedian, Neo was a magician, Nengi gave a twerk performance, Vee had to dance for her dinner and Laycon sang his heart out for the Housemates.

At the end of this, they ended their dinner with shoutouts to their family and friends.

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