AfDB announces 100 finalists for its #AfricavsVirus challenge

Written by on June 10, 2020

The African Development Bank has announced the 100 finalists from the #AfricaVsVirus Challenge to find solutions to challenges raised by the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa.

According to the development institution, 25,000 participants from across Africa and beyond, joined the online platform to pitch their ideas.

Participants in the 72-hour ideathon curated 750 solutions, from which an expert panel selected the Top 100 Solutions.

“The quality of ideas and the level of engagement from participants during the online challenge showcases that innovation and a passion to find solutions are among Africa’s greatest resources.

“We’re looking forward to the next phase of the #AfricaVsVirus competition that will aim to boost the viability of the top solutions” the Bank’s Vice President for Agriculture, Human and Social Development, Jennifer Blanke said.

The solutions were focused on specific thematic areas relevant to the African context, such as public health and epidemiology, vulnerable populations, businesses & economy, community, education, entertainment, government support, environment and energy and food security.

“Through the African Development Bank’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab Platform, the bank will now act as an enabler to match the most relevant solutions to the initiative’s 140+ partners,” a statement by the bank read.

The bank also said the top 20 teams, to be announced in September, would receive in-kind prizes worth over $1 million.

The full list of the Top 100 Solutions finalists will be posted to the #AfricaVsVirus website,

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